• Tila Morris

Create Paisley makes performing a piece of cake for one young woman

Describe what life was like for this young person before taking part?

Julie(17) was really shy. Julie didn't feel confident to play music or sing in front of people. Julie had not many hobbies or clear what Julie wanted to do with her life. Julie never thought she was a good artist.

What change or difference has it made to them?

Now Julie is regularly performing in front of people in our open mic nights. She organised and delivered a quiz for our open mic nights, talking to an audience of 30+.

What intervention have workers made?

We involved her in the different activities we have: youth forum, arts drop-ins, etc... .We listened to her and heard about her hobbies. That was how we encouraged her to take the lead on organising a small activity on the open mic night decorating cupcakes. Right now Julie is taking part in our Young Volunteers Programme in which Julie is receiving one to one support from one of our senior volunteers to help her develop her own business decorating cakes as self-employed. Julie is finishing cooking at the college and it would be a good job career prospect for her immediate future.

How is this different from other activities?

Elsewhere Julie doesn't have the opportunity to organise her own activities. The difference here is that unlike school or college, there isn't the pressure of marks and having to do things 'right'.

At Create Paisley Julie is listened to, respected and most important in a safe space in which Julie can be creative and take the lead on what is happening. Create Paisley is a place in which Julie can interact with other people, people Julie knew already or new people.

Feedback from stakeholders

"Julie's self-confidence has increased a lot. She went from not finishing a song she was playing in an open mic session, because she felt she wasn't performing well, to perform again and finishing it. She even went on to directing a quiz. All this happened in less than 3 months. What changed was that we were providing a youth forum, we invited her to deliver a small activity she felt confident to run and that was really successful. It made her feel supported and listened by our staff and volunteers."

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Created by Catch the Light 2019.


This work is commissioned by YouthLink Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government's Cash Back for Communities scheme.