• Tila Morris

LGBT Youth Dundee: learning to overcome anxiety through working in partnership

Describe what this young person was like before taking part?

'Mandy' first came along to the Allsorts group to support a friend in May 2016. After attending Edinburgh Pride 2016 with us, she had a series of panic attacks during the day. After this she agreed to attend 1:1 sessions with us to look at further support around anxiety. That led to engagement with our partners at The Corner . She first accessed the Corner on her own after getting in touch with our social media. While feeling really suicidal through conversation the worker was able to get her to come into the Corner as she had already built a bit of a relationship with staff through the Corner's monthly commitment to attend Allsorts. At this point the worker was able to speak with her and build on her safety plan.

Circumstances at initial engagement was she experienced a lot of suicidal ideation, self-harm and isolation. Her home setting was having a big impact on mental health. There was difficulty in coping with friendships / relationships.

What intervention was made by workers?

We worked in partnership with key appropriate organisations at the right time and in partnership with the young person. We agreed on some goals to work towards:

  • To build on socialising skills

  • To move out or improve the home environment

  • To reduce self-harm and suicidal ideation

Access services that can support Mandy with her mental health Attend Pride in 2017 and have no panic attack! Importantly, we worked at her level. We provided a safe space where she could be herself.

What the workers say

"This story I think shows the real benefit of appropriate and the right kind of partnership working youth work can do. A key partnership is the one between youth worker and young person."

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This work is commissioned by YouthLink Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government's Cash Back for Communities scheme.