• Tila Morris

The Loft in Keith

The Loft Youth is a one stop shop for young people in Keith and rural areas. We offer a wide range of activities, volunteering opportunities, accreditation awards and health hub. We offer a safe nurturing environment for our young people from all walks of life. We have strong partnership working links with Keith Grammar School Guidance Department and Inclusion Officer this lets us work with targeted young people who are challenging, at risk of exclusion, no positive destination and low in confidence.

What has been learned from the project?

Change and flexibility, adapting to meet the needs of individuals is challenging but worthwhile when young people really engage and enjoy it.

Can you give any examples of the impact the project has had?

I met CM 17 years old through Activity Agreement Club and noticed how low his confidence and self esteem was. After striking up a good relationship with him, I offered him 1-1 sessions as he enjoyed cooking and we had common ground. This was a positive impact on him.

A Young Person's Story - aged 17

"I've attended the Loft for years through school, but I didn`t enjoy school and everything that went with it. Through my Activity Agreement I was invited to attend the Activity Agreement club at The Loft. I went weekly but wasn't sure what to expect as I am not good at mixing in a group . The Youth Worker offered me 1-1 sessions to help me with my social skills.

We meet every week and we cook together and have a laugh. We have cooked biscuits, cheesecakes, spaghetti Bolognese and other dishes. My cooking skills have improved greatly. I have just completed a Dynamic Youth Award which is good for me as I`m not good at paperwork. My youth worker has helped me look into a college course to further my cooking skills. I have also made some new friends and gained trust in adults, which I struggle with.

I have noticed changes to myself as I have managed to take a bus to Elgin - 17 miles away from my house to visit the college as I am looking to enrol in September. I got help with my application form. I can communicate better with people my own age. The future is looking a lot more brighter for me."

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This work is commissioned by YouthLink Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government's Cash Back for Communities scheme.