• Tila Morris

Girls Get Active & Aware in Fife

The aim of the 'Active and Aware' progrmme is to support young women, particularly those with low self-confidence and poor self-esteem to be more physically active by:

  • identifying and recognising the links between low mood, low self-esteem and physical activity in young women;

  • identifying ways to support young women to be more active by addressing barriers; and

  • focusing on issues surrounding body image, cigarettes, alcohol, sexual health and politics and citizenship.

There were five weeks of activities designed to make progress on working with others; personal development and having an active mind and body.

Feedback from Participants

Here are some quotes gathered by the youth worker:

"The sessions [at Mind and Body] are really great. Everyone is really enjoying it. It gets us out and running and doing lotsa exercise."

"Yeah really enjoying it. Good for exercising. I really like it."

"Keep you fit and it is sooooo fun!"

"I was nervous at first, but now I feel more confident and I look forward to it each week. I feel much fitter and healthier too."

" I love exercising. It's different sessions each week, which is new and exciting."

"It's really good, you get good fitness, see your friends and have fun."

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Created by Catch the Light 2019.


This work is commissioned by YouthLink Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government's Cash Back for Communities scheme.