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LGBT Dumfries

LGBT Youth Scotland works to build the capacity of professionals to meet the needs of LGBTI young people; to influence decision makers and to improve LGBTI visibility in Scotland.

First Engagement

C is an 18 year old Queer. He initially engaged with us through 1 to 1 support where he was working through defining his sexuality.

Since his first engagement in 2015 C has continued to access our support service either face to face or via online private message on facebook. He also began accessing groups not long after his initial engagement. C has continued to be a weekly member at our local youth spaces and has become a befriender to welcome new young people to our groups and services.

Circumstances at initial engagement

When C first accessed our services he was extremely shy and withdrawn. His self-confidence was very low, due to this he struggled to engage in conversations and in making eye contact with staff and young people. He was unsure of how to define his feelings around his attractions and his sexuality and was anxious to share this with people close to him such as family and peers. During groups initially he was very anxious and remained a quiet member of the space with minimal interaction.


C is a friendly and caring young man who is becoming more and more confident by the day. He has a real passion for activism and in making a difference in the world around with special interest in campaigning for equality. Since turning 18 at the end of last year he has now moved to our older group and initially was quiet but weekly we see his confidence growing in his role as a member of this group.


Through the years we have supported C through a number of challenging situations for him such as coming out, homophobic bullying and hate crime. During these support sessions we have supported C to engage with the police to report hate crime incidents and have delivered mediation/support sessions for him and his mother around his sexuality. Recently we have been supporting Christian to move into volunteering for a local mental health charity where he can develop experience and skills to lead him into his chosen profession of Phycology.


His most recent goal is to complete his current course at college then progress into courses for phycology. He finds inspiration for his activism through inequalities he sees around him. Last year he achieved completion of his self-identified, planned and delivered photography project on inequality/equality.


During his engagement with us over the past year we have seem C achieve many outcomes such as making new strong friendships, becoming an included member of the Up’N’Oot group, develop into a keen young activist and a befriender for new young people to our services. His confidence is the most apparent change as we have seen him blossom into this confident, vocal young man who is always happy to get involved and shares his views openly. Out with his comfort zones he can still have some anxieties but is now noticeably more willing to try putting himself into new challenges and experiences with support from staff.

The difference

“Throughout the time in which LGBTYS’ I've had kind and caring youth workers providing me support through their service, which I feel has made me more confident in my identity and how I express that. I also feel that the service has helped me to become more open minded and confident around other people. Overall, I think that LGBTYS can help provide support for every young person regardless whether they are LGBT* or not. The organisation is very underappreciated and really needs more publicity because of how it can improve young lives.”

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This work is commissioned by YouthLink Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government's Cash Back for Communities scheme.