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Edinburgh - Broomhouse Young Carers' Residential

As a result of Cash Back funding BYC has provided fully funded residential experiences for all our Young Carers aged 7-25 in 2017 and 2018.

These include PGL Dalguise, The Roses Project on the Isle of Mull, Wiston Lodge by Biggar The Outward Bound Trust at Loch Eil and Columba 1400 on Skye.

At the start...

All our Young Carers need a break from their caring roles. These residential experiences provide them with this invaluable opportunity.


One to one support for Young Carers and group work support provides Young Carers with much needed headspace from their caring roles and helps them to feel better about themselves and their situations in a safe and supportive environment.

What changed or improved?

In the words of young carers that took part, the feedback was as follows:

"It gives us a break, it helps us to be happier, it makes us feel better about ourselves and what we do, it gives us time away and gives us confidence, we make friends and don't feel alone anymore"

"I love going on the residentials because I always learn something new about myself and grow closer with the people I go with"

"Going to camp is amazing because when I go there I am scared of the activities, but once I do them they are not actually that scary and I only found that out because Broomhouse Young Carers take me and if I didn’t go to Broomhouse Young Carers I wouldn’t be like I am today"

"They take me on fantastic residentials and we get to do a lot of activities like camp fire, trapeze, gorge walking, capture the flag and more. Coming to the group lets me meet new friends and I have met a lot of friends over the years I have been here and I am also friends with the staff, they are great."

What Lessons were Learned?

When taking young people from their communities to work with them in a residential setting, staying away they become more excited and enjoy the risk taking activities provided in a safe environment. The young people become more vocal about hteir own situation and have time to self reflect. There's something about the beautiful surroundings that allows this to happen. The more residentials we can offer young carers, would allow more opportunities to engage with them in a fund and challenging way. We'd be offering new experiences, learning new skills and provide young carers with activities that take them out of their comfort zones.

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Created by Catch the Light 2019.


This work is commissioned by YouthLink Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government's Cash Back for Communities scheme.