• Tila Morris

School Transitions - Scottish Borders Community Council

The Scottish Borders Community Council worked with young people moving from P7 into S1. Young people experienced 8 days of challenging activities including: canoeing, rock climbing, tile making, 'jail-break' challenge, swimming, horse riding and care, arts, rope courses over water, ringos, hill walking and a barbecue young people gained positive experiences that helped prepare them for this difficult time of transition.

At the start...

The young people were finding it a challenge moving from primary school into secondary school. The young volunteers were also young people who would benefit from the challenge. Young People were identified as needing support with H & W. A high percentage of the young people also had additional support needs.


Youth workers planned activities that would challenge the young people and help to build their resilience.

What changed or improved?

  • 14/20 of pupils reported increased skills and confidence (1 said he was already confident)

  • 15/20 of pupils reported taken part in different activities and experiences

  • 15/20 of pupils reported making new friends,

  • 15/20 of pupils reported caring for and helping others,

  • 15/20 of pupils reported behaving in a more positive way

  • 14/20 of pupils reported feeling included

  • 15/20 of pupils tried hard to include everyone else

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Created by Catch the Light 2019.


This work is commissioned by YouthLink Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government's Cash Back for Communities scheme.