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Bike for Good - Glasgow

Bike Academy have developed an after-school programme with a range of cycling activities to offer to young people including mountain biking, BMXing and hands on bicycle maintenance along with safe and friendly space to make new friendships and experience something new. We ran Fix Your Own Bike sessions, days out mountain biking, skills track and and our cycle coaching to improve young peoples level of physical activity, confidence and improve their engagement within the groups.

We planned the after-school club at John Paul Academy to be a drop in session available for all pupils but also realised it was maybe a little difficult to get young people engaged. Many would rush home or not have enough confidence to approach new activities offered by school or us. Drop in sessions slowly grew in numbers but it started to be difficult to have repeated attendance from young people. We formed a partnership with Scottish cycling to offer professional BMX coaching opportunities for these young people to enhance the programme and offer a sign in for the pupils who expressed interest during our drop in sessions.

Feedback from Participants

"I heard about Bike For Good and learned that they run Fix Your Own Bike sessions. I love to play with my bicycles, upgrade parts or fix them as they break. Paul from Bike Academy invited me to be part of the team and offered training. I had no idea how to fix bikes or tools to do that. Their workshop is a cool place where you can see or learn new stuff every week. I learned how to rebuild a bike from scratch. It was cool to learn how everything works and I didnt expect to learn so much during this time.I would like to keep coming back to work on more bikes. I formed many friendships with others here. We learned how to rebuild a bike from scratch, use many tools and how to fix any bike. Felt like I can be myself here with friends who also think bikes are great.The Fix Your Own Bike is a unique experience for me and I would like to volunteer here soon and become bike mechanic."

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Created by Catch the Light 2019.


This work is commissioned by YouthLink Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government's Cash Back for Communities scheme.