• Chris Kerr

FARE - Diversion from crime to Modern Apprenticeships in Youth Work

Fare put together a programme that allowed young people from various communities to participate in a variety of programmes that met their physical, emotional and educational needs. The programmes also helped to increase their confidence and aspirations while diverting them away from various issues that blight their communities such as gang violene, substance misuse and general youth disorder. Allowing them a greater opportunity to reach their true potential.

What were the benefits?

We offered a diverse range of programmes for the young people to participate.This allowed us to reach them at various stages in their development ie access to open youth clubs, sports or music activities through to more intensive qualifications/training to increase their employment opportunities.

Via this programme 4 modern apprentices were recruited. 3 out of the 4 have completed and achieved their SVQ3 in youth work and have since been accepted onto HNC working with communities course at Glasgow Kelvin College. They will continue with their development as well as continuing working at FARE on a part time basis. The other MA is on course to complete their apprenticeship in the coming months.

FARE are looking to continue with this work as we feel the holistic approach to engaging with young people as well as providing qualifications and employment opportunities has worked well with regards to meeting their needs. The MA’s are also local youths with increased aspirations and now helping to provide vital services for other young people within their communities.

Feedback from a Modern Apprentice in Youth Work

“I heard about the opportunity of a modern apprenticeship through one of my youth workers. At first I didn’t think that it was something I was capable of doing but after talking to some of the workers they explained they would support me through it. I also got involved because I wanted to help other young people stay away from getting involved in things on the streets, just like the way I was. I thought there was going to be loads of writing work because of the assessments but most of the work was practical and planning or delivering the activities.

Three highlights that I have had from my MA in Youth Work so far have been:

  1. Being able to lead a session on my own with a worker present.

  2. Learning from experienced youth workers.

  3. Being able to have a better understanding of youth work and its importance.

These are my highlights because as a shy person I have come out my shell and I’m able to deliver sessions and workshops with confidence and a professional approach

The training I have completed are SVQ3 in youth work, Youth achievement training, STEM training, emotional literacy and first aid. I feel these training opportunities have gave me the tools to do my job as professionally as I can. I have been accepted on the ‘HNC working with communities’ course at college to continue my learning and hope to be a fulltime youth worker in the future.

The modern apprenticeship has meant a lot to me and it gave me a job while I learnt more about youth work. The support I have had has been absolutely amazing everyone has been very patient with me till I got the hang of everything and if I’m ever stuck with something all I have to do is ask and I will be given help I feel like this support have made me panic less and enjoy what I do now I’m absolutely loving it. The overall experience has been amazing, and I would recommend other young people to do a modern apprenticeship in youth work. If I can do it anyone can."

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Created by Catch the Light 2019.


This work is commissioned by YouthLink Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government's Cash Back for Communities scheme.