• Tommy McGrory

Renfrewshire - Lound n Proud Music Workshops

Loud n Proud produced a series of music workshops over the summer of 2018. The format included band rehearsals, recording, workshops and one to one sessions. The participants were mainly beginners or first timers.

Taking part in the weekly shows and helping towards their production gave the young the experience in working in a studio with other young musicians. The project has inspired young people to pursue a career or take up music in school. Many realised the benefits of being part of a group and volunteering.

What were the benefits?

The participants were given professional instruction which raised their performance level playing level and it must be said all had fun while doing it.

The young people gained gain confidence, self-esteem and valuable transferable skills from a mix of workshops and a real hands-on experience. Participation in the group activities that are involved will give young people an understanding of the value of teamwork.

The project:

  1. Increased participation in positive activity

  2. Increased opportunities to develop interests and skills

  3. Increased participants skills and will have positive changes in behaviour

We achieved what we set out and found some uncovered talent.

Feedback from one participant:

“My name is James. I heard about the project through Facebook. I had nothing to do over the summer and was bored so when I saw this I wanted to try and play drums. I wasn’t sure what it was about but I knew Loud n Proud is known to be a good place so I didn’t feel nervous about going along. I knew you could try different things and hear it was a fun thing to be part of.

The Summer School has helped me with my anxiety and my confidence. When I was asked to take part I didn’t think I could play anything and I’d let the others down, but I thought I did ok. It was brilliant fun.

I played drums and a bit of guitar. I liked the drums more as I think I can play them better. I liked playing along with everyone else. I’d like to do more and take up music in school. After the summer is over I’d like to play in a band some day. I found out that I can play drums and sing a bit too.

I loved going along. It was so exciting to get up in the morning and I couldn’t wait to get to the studios. I met new friends and I have more confidence going into new things and meeting new people.”

James’s Mum said:

“It was so amazing to see James get on with all the others. I wasn’t sure whether he would go in the front door never mind take part. Everyone involved are really nice people and I think he responded to that.”

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This work is commissioned by YouthLink Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government's Cash Back for Communities scheme.