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Larkhall, South Lanarkshire


Regen:fx Youth Trust develops and delivers youth diversionary programmes that reduce youth disorder in communities. Targeting 'hots spots' identified as having high incidence of youth crime young people are engaged in a range of positive activities designed to develop personal and social skills.


Acclaimed for its innovation and powerful impact, 'The Street' was developed to tackle some of the consequences of poor decisions and negative behaviours that affect young people in adolescence. Situated in a large industrial warehouse, groups attend a full re-enactment of crime scenes and risky situations that are commonly encountered. The scenes use all the hi-tech effects of stage and screen with trained actors playing real life stories to make scenarios as realistic and impactful as possible. The workshops challenge participants to consider the causes and short to long-term consequences of every decision faced in those crucial moments.


What's more the scripts, acting and back-stage roles are all carried out by young people that have themsleves experienced, or been at risk of involvmenet in offending and anti-social behaviour. Their positive contribution to Regen:fx therefore becomes an important part of their own diversionary path towards more positive life choices. Crucial to 'The Street's' success is the support and back-up provided by highly skilled and experienced youth workers. Workers are adept at using dialogical techniques to raise questions about behaviour, morals, attitudes and decision-making so that many of life's risks are laid bare and discussed whilst making sure visitng groups leave with insight and confidence to make sound judgements in difficult situations.

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