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Here is the background information and resources used to guide the youth work evaluation and examples of practice.

Round 3 Presentation - The Challege We Face

This presentation outlines some of the context of youth work in Scotland today. It looks at the functional map of youth work and highlights findings from research on successful youth work interventions. It refers to Marilyn Price Mitchel's Compass Advantage™ as a way of detailing the social, emotional and ethical capabilities developed by youth workers and sets out the importance of youth work in supporting successful transitions into adulthood.


The Compass Advantage™
Eight pathways to young people's success

Through the powers of modern technology, Marilyn Price-Mitchel, Ph.D., a developmental psychologist and researcher from the U.S. is generously collaborating with us to develop youth work in Scotland. Dr. Price-Mitchell is the founder of Roots of Action, a research-based website that supports positive youth development through 'The Compass Advantage™' framework of eight core abilities that all young people need to make a successful transition into adulthood and thrive in an increasingly complex society. These abilities are curiosity, sociability, resilience, self-awareness, integrity, resourcefulness, creativity, and empathy. You are invited to review the treasure trove of resources at Roots of Action. Dr. Price-Mitchell looks forward to following our work, contributing to our conversations, and collaborating on research to improve our evidence of practice in Scotland.

Youth Work Fund Reports

Here is a copy of the interim report, published in November 2015.

Read the final report for CashBack Round 3: Youth Work Fund

Youth Work Outcomes

YouthLink Scotland has worked with representatives from the sector to develop a set of outcomes that are specific to youth work. Here you will find a range of materials and resources that demonstrate ways youth work's unique approach has common connections with a wide range of shared national outcomes and priorities.

CashBack for Communities

CashBack for Communities provides funding to the youth work sector across Scotland. This strand of funding is administered by YouthLink Scotland and applications are reviewed by a panel of local representatives, some of which involve young people, in each local authority area. This makes the funding unique in that it is distributed and managed by the youth work sector. Read about some of the youth work achievements from previous years.

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